Playground fun

Learning Job Skills

At three times during the day, the students in our class have jobs to do to learn domestic and vocational skills. In the morning one student takes attendance

In the morning one student takes attendance, one does the lunch count, one checks and records the weather, one changes our special on the schedule, and one sets the calendar.

After lunch one student wipes out the kitchen chairs, one wipes off the placemats, one cleans the counters, one sweeps the floor and one washes the dishes.

In the afternoon one student empties our trashcans, one wipes down the desks and tables, one vacuums the rug, one starts the laundry in the washing machine and one wipes down the bathroom surfaces. We have a couple of 6th grade peer buddies who come over from the middle school to help with the afternoon jobs (thanks boys!).

Here are some pictures of the kiddos doing some of their afternoon jobs during the first few weeks of school. (The jobs rotate every week so the kids have a job for 5 days at a time).