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I teach a self contained special education class at Kennedy Elementary School in Winder, GA


This month’s graphing data was about where we would like to use maps! We have read stories about characters who used a map at the zoo, at a fair and at a farm. So we asked “Where would you like to use a map?”, made a pictograph, sorted the answers, then put them on a graph and then colored the graph! We even analyzed the data to answer questions about the graph. (Most of our class would rather use a map at the fair, if you were wondering).

2015-16 Class19


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Comprehension questions

This is how we literally use the illustrations and information in a book to answer questions about the story! Dr. Mays puts picture symbols of the key details on the pages of the book with velcro. Then when she asks us a comprehension question about the story, she helps us find the page where we can find the answer. Then we take the picture from the book and match it to one of the three answer choices. Then we find the answer on a worksheet and mark it! Here are some of our classmates answering questions about the story “To the Zoo”.

2015-16 Class20 2015-16 Class21 2015-16 Class22 2015-16 Class232015-16 Class24


Pete the Cat

Today in Art, Mrs. Foster read us the book “Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons”. Then we got to help Pete put the buttons back on his coat!! She even featured our work on her art blog!!


Screenshot 2015-11-17 09.58.22

2015-16 Class17