Egg-citing Science!

We have been learning about animal parents and babies and know that birds lay eggs in nests and baby birds hatch out of the eggs. This week, we conducted a science experiment to see what kind of nest would best protect an egg.

We made three types of nests Рa cotton nest, an egg carton nest and a balloon nest. Each student made a guess or *hypothesis* about whether or not each nest would protect the egg.

our three nests

Dr. Mays put an egg in each nest and dropped it. Which nest do you think kept the egg from breaking?

Cotton nest:



Egg carton nest:


Balloon nest:


After we conducted our experiment, we organized our data into a chart and used that chart to make a conclusion. We compared our conclusion to our hypotheses to see if we were correct.

Our conclusion was that cotton nests protect eggs. Egg carton nests and balloon nests do not protect eggs. This is good because birds can’t blow up balloons or cut egg cartons to make their nest but they can find soft things to build their nest out of!

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