Community helpers, shaving cream, and hungry hippos


To start off our unit on community helpers, today each student got to choose an occupation that they might want to do when they grow up. We then talked about where someone with that job would work, what they would do, and what things they would need to do their job.


Malik dressed as a police officer. Police officers work at the police station and drive police cars. They help keep us safe and make sure people in the community follow the rules and obey the laws. They have handcuffs, walkie-talkies, a badge and weapons.


Aaron is dressed as a firefighter. They put out fires. Firefighters drive firetrucks and work at the fire station. They wear heavy uniforms, oxygen tanks, boots, a mask and a hat. They also use an ax and a firehose.


Colt is dressed as a dentist. Dentists work at the dentist’s office and they help us take care of our teeth. Dentists use toothbrushes and floss to clean our teeth. They also use a mirror to look in our mouth and a tool called an explorer to examine our teeth.


Preslee is dressed as a teacher. Teachers work in schools and help students learn new things. They use lots of things like pencils, scissors, books, computers, whiteboards, flashcards and markers to teach children how to read, count, and do many other things.


Last but not least – Lili is dressed as a veterinarian. Vets work at animal hospitals and help animals when they are sick or hurt. A veterinarian uses a stethoscope to listen to animal’s heartbeats. They give animals medicine and shots to help them get better. They also tell us how to keep our pets healthy.


This year we have a new art teacher, Ms. Kretzer. Today was our first day in art class and we got to play with shaving cream! We got to practice drawing lines and shapes and writing letters.

my former students go to specials with us, too!


Hungry Hippos

In the afternoons, Shyler and Ashton (peer buddies from last year) come over from the middle school to help my students work on social skills. Today we all played Hungry, Hungry Hippos 🙂

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