Stone Mountain

Another incredible Camp Mays adventure – Ashley, Seth, Sam, Trent, Cassie and Chuck went on our trip to Stone Mountain and had a great time 🙂
Our helpers were: my mom, my friend Ginny (she is in the PhD program with me and teaches a class like mine in a different county), Mrs. Dollar (our student teacher a couple of years ago), Chase (another KES sped teacher’s son), Mr. Anglin (my wonderful parapro), Sam’s mom, Seth’s mom and Seth’s aunt Dawn.
The kids did the mini-ropes course at Camp Highland Outpost (I think this was Cassie, Ashley and Trent’s favorite part), rode the train (Seth’s favorite part), rode the Duck (all of the kids got to drive when the boat was in the lake, which was my favorite part), went to the petting zoo and saw the Leaping Livestock show (Chuck’s favorite part), and played in the Great Barn (Sam’s favorite part). We also had lunch, a picnic dinner, and watched the laser show.
We were at Stone Mountain for 12 hours – it was a long, hot day – but the kids were SO awesome and it was a great day. Here are some pictures.

Our final Camp Mays adventure for the summer is on Wednesday, we are going to the Georgia Aquarium.

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