Camp Mays

Every summer since I began teaching, I have tried to do something fun with my students. It began with slumber parties and has evolved into what my mom began calling “Camp Mays”. Last year, I took each student out on a fun adventure individually and we had tons of fun. The problem that I ran into was, by the time I took 8 or 9 kids on one or two outings each, that was a lot of time and money from my summer and the kids only got to go one or two places each. So this year I decided to rent a van and take all the kids somewhere each Friday. That way they all get to go on multiple adventures without me having to go on 40 different outings myself (because I’m too old and fat to walk around Stone Mountain on 8 different days LOL) 🙂 I recruited some volunteer help from some awesome people and so far we’ve had a very successful summer.

First, we went to the movies to see “Toy Story 3”. Only three kiddos went on this trip – Seth, Trent and Cassie – with my mom, Mr. Anglin and me – but Ryan and his mom were there and sat right behind us. We had lunch at the Food Court at the mall.

Our next adventure was at Jungle Jumpers where we jumped, bounced, slid, and climbed on inflatables. Ashley, Ryan, Seth, Trent, Chuck, and Cassie plus two former students – Sam and Josh went on this trip, and my mom, husband, Mr. Anglin and Mrs. Dollar (my former student teacher) came along to help out. We had McDonalds for lunch in one of the party rooms and then jumped some more. After jumping, we went to the playground for a little while to have a little fun in the fresh air.

Our third adventure was, in my opinion, the most fun! We all went to Sam’s house to swim. Sam was a student in my class a few years ago and is still at Kennedy Elementary School – and he lives in the house that I grew up in. Ashley, Seth, Trent, Chuck, Cassie, Brandon, Sam and Josh had fun in the pool along with Sam’s mom, my mom, my husband, myself, Mrs. Dollar, Chase (a fellow teacher’s son) and Mrs. Hentenaar (another KES teacher). Mrs. Hentenaar’s daughter Caitlyn and son Billy  – both trained and certified lifeguards – helped keep everyone safe.

Here are some photos from our adventures so far:

Tomorrow we are going to Stone Mountain for a LONG day of fun ending with the laser show and next week our final adventure is a trip to the Georgia Aquarium.

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