CBI Trip

Today we went on our first CBI (community based instruction) trip of the school year. These trips give us a chance to practice the skills that we’ve been working on in class out in the community. Today we went to the post office, the dollar store, Publix and then had lunch at Ruby Tuesday. Unfortunately Trent and Chuck were both out sick and missed our trip.

First we went to the Post Office, where we mailed our Christmas cards! At the post office …

We saw a mail truck.

We saw a postal worker.

We saw a package.

We saw stamps.

We saw a mailbox.

Next, we went to the store.  At the store …

We bought a present for our moms and dads.

We bought plates, cups and napkins for our party.

We bought gift bags and ribbons to wrap presents.

Then we went to the grocery store to buy things for our party.

We bought cupcakes.

We bought chips.

We bought gingerbread man cookies.

We bought hot chocolate mix.

We bought marshmallows.

The last place we went was to Ruby Tuesday for lunch. Then we came back to school and wrapped presents.

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