This week we are studying Thanksgiving – the first Thanksgiving and how we celebrate today.

In math, we read a book about a Pilgrim and Indian getting ready for their Thanksgiving feast and we counted different food items. Then we made a chart of the foods and how much they had. Finally, we took that information and made a pictograph! Then we answered questions about the book (which food did they have the most of?).

In reading, we are reading the poem “Over the River and Through the Wood”. We sequenced pictures to retell the story, identified pictures of things in the story and answered questions about the story. Each student even made their own copy of a book about the story. Later this week we will sing a song with the same words as the poem.

We are also learning about the different foods that families eat as part of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. On Friday we will cook Thanksgiving dinner! Last year we had a lot of fun with this activity, I know we will enjoy it this year, too. Additionally, we are discussing things that we are thankful for (food, clothes, family, home, school, friends, toys).

We have been practicing very hard for our holiday program, as well. Later this week I will post some video of some students singing some of our songs – they’re so talented!!!

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